Welcome Reverbnation Friends!

Hearme is now offering discounts for Reverbnation artists!

With our Reverbnation Promotional Package you will be at the top of your category chart in a matter of weeks.

We will drive insane amounts of traffic to your Artist Page causing you to start trending in your city. With this special package you will get thousands of song plays, thousands of video views ( if you have uploaded a video to the site), and thousands of potential new fans checking out your music and page. If you’re familiar with Reverbnation; you will know just how valuable this kind of service is to your Band, or yourself.

Some of the top A&R’s in the business are combing through the thousands of pages of top trending artist on Reverbnation daily; looking for the next big thing. If you’re wanting to get discovered, and add some credibility to your band; then this is the perfect solution for you.

For the month of April; we will be offering Reverbnation Artists a 50% discount on this package.

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